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Code Generation

Generate C/C++ code and MEX functions for toolbox functions


imfilter N-D filtering of multidimensional images
imhist Histogram of image data
fspecial Create predefined 2-D filter
edge Find edges in intensity image
mean2 Average or mean of matrix elements
imwarp Apply geometric transformation to image
label2rgb Convert label matrix into RGB image
bwlookup Nonlinear filtering using lookup tables
bwselect Select objects in binary image
im2double Convert image to double precision
im2int16 Convert image to 16-bit signed integers
im2single Convert image to single precision
im2uint16 Convert image to 16-bit unsigned integers
im2uint8 Convert image to 8-bit unsigned integers
bwmorph Morphological operations on binary images
imbothat Bottom-hat filtering
imclose Morphologically close image
imdilate Dilate image
imerode Erode image
imextendedmax Extended-maxima transform
imextendedmin Extended-minima transform
imfill Fill image regions and holes
imhmax H-maxima transform
imhmin H-minima transform
imopen Morphologically open image
imreconstruct Morphological reconstruction
imregionalmax Regional maxima
imregionalmin Regional minima
imtophat Top-hat filtering
bwpack Pack binary image
bwunpack Unpack binary image
conndef Create connectivity array
getrangefromclass Default display range of image based on its class
imcomplement Complement image
iptcheckconn Check validity of connectivity argument
padarray Pad array
strel Create morphological structuring element (STREL)


imref2d Reference 2-D image to world coordinates
imref3d Reference 3-D image to world coordinates
affine2d 2-D Affine Geometric Transformation
projective2d 2-D Projective Geometric Transformation
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