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abc to Alpha-Beta-Zero, Alpha-Beta-Zero to abc

Perform transformation from three-phase (abc) signal to αβ0 stationary reference frame or the inverse


Control and Measurements/Transformations


The abc to Alpha-Beta-Zero block performs a Clarke transform on a three-phase abc signal. The Alpha-Beta-Zero to abc block performs an inverse Clarke transform on the αβ0 components.

The inverse transformation is given by

Assume that ua, ub, uc quantities represent three sinusoidal balanced currents:

These currents are flowing respectively into windings A, B, C of a three-phase winding, as the figure shows.

In this case, the iα and iβ components represent the coordinates of the rotating space vector Is in a fixed reference frame whose α axis is aligned with phase A axis. Is amplitude is proportional to the rotating magnetomotive force produced by the three currents. It is computed as follows:

Dialog Box and Parameters

The block has no parameters.


The power_Transformationspower_Transformations example shows various uses of blocks performing Clarke and Park transformations.

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