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Stop or Restart a Model Running on Gumstix Overo Hardware

    Caution   Avoid using the RESET button to stop a running model and reboot the board. Doing so can corrupt operating system and program files. To fix corrupt files, replace the firmware as described in Replace Firmware on Gumstix Overo Hardware.

To stop a model running on the board, enter the following commands in the MATLAB® Command Window:


For example, to stop the sumdiff model, enter:


You can also restart a model that was previously running on the board, or to run multiple instances of a model. To do so, enter the following commands in the MATLAB Command Window:


    Note:   You do not need to enter h=overo; multiple times if a previous instance of h is available in the MATLAB Workspace.

For example, to restart the sumdiff model you stopped in the previous example, enter:'sumdiff');
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