MATLAB Compiler

Packaging an Application or Component

MATLAB Compiler enables you to package MATLAB components for deployment. You designate a program, and MATLAB Compiler determines which MATLAB functions and files are necessary to support the program then encrypts the code.

For shared library implementations, MATLAB Compiler produces the header file to include in a C or C++ application and a library file to link with the application. It then wraps the files as an executable or component.

To provide the best experience for users of your application, MATLAB Compiler lets you:

  • Specify whether to provide the runtime with the installation package or download it automatically during installation
  • Capture application meta data such as software version number, author information, and default installation directory
  • Add any supplemental files that are not found through dependency checking, such as data files or images
  • Define an installer for your application with customized graphics, splash screen, and icon
Application development and deployment work flow.
Application development and deployment work flow that includes algorithm development, creating the UI, and packaging the application with an optional custom installer. You distribute a professional installer that enables easy deployment to users who do not have MATLAB.
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