Fuzzy Logic Toolbox

Working with the Fuzzy Logic Toolbox

The Fuzzy Logic Toolbox provides apps to let you perform classical fuzzy system development and pattern recognition. Using the toolbox, you can:

  • Develop and analyze fuzzy inference systems
  • Develop adaptive neurofuzzy inference systems
  • Perform fuzzy clustering

In addition, the toolbox provides a fuzzy controller block that you can use in Simulink to model and simulate a fuzzy logic control system. From Simulink, you can generate C code for use in embedded applications that include fuzzy logic.

Like all MATLAB toolboxes, Fuzzy Logic Toolbox can be customized. You can inspect algorithms, modify source code, and add your own membership functions or defuzzification techniques.

Getting Started with Fuzzy Logic Toolbox (Part 1) 5:05
Use Fuzzy Logic Toolbox™ to design fuzzy logic systems.

Getting Started with Fuzzy Logic Toolbox (Part 2) 8:06
Define membership functions and rules for fuzzy inference systems.

Getting Started with Fuzzy Logic Toolbox (Part 3) 4:47
Simulate and analyze fuzzy inference systems.

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