RF Toolbox

Key Features

  • Provides read and write access to industry-standard file formats for network parameters
  • Defines RF filters, transmission lines, amplifiers, and mixers by their experimental or theoretical network parameters and physical properties
  • Calculates network parameters for RF components in series, parallel, cascade, hybrid, and inverse hybrid configurations
  • Builds models using the rational function fitting method
  • Exports rational function models to Simulink or as Verilog-A modules
  • Calculates noise figures and third-order intercept points for cascaded components
  • Converts among S, Y, Z, ABCD, h, g, and T network parameters
  • Includes rectangular and polar plots and Smith® charts for visualizing data

You can execute RF Toolbox functions from the MATLAB command line or the RF Design and Analysis app. You can also call the toolbox functions from your own MATLAB scripts and functions. The toolbox includes rectangular, polar, and Smith® charts for visualizing data.


Lower intersection point of circles on Smith chart corresponds to susceptance value of desired component.

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