Visualizing Models

SimMechanics automatically creates a 3D visualization of all bodies in your model. During simulation, an animation of the machine is generated, showing you the motion of the system. You can replay the animation without rerunning the simulation, and save the animation to a file.

Exploring SimMechanics Models 3:18
Replay 3D animations and configure the views. Explore the model from the 3D representation and via the tree browser.

You can adjust the color, opacity, and other visual properties of the bodies. For help in verifying locations and orientations, you can display the frames and the center of mass associated with the body. Multiple view angles can be shown simultaneously, enabling you to see how your mechanism looks and moves from different angles.

To help navigate and explore your model, the 3D view of your mechanism contains a tree browser. You can view the parameters for the elements in your mechanism by selecting them in the tree browser or the 3D view. The combination of the 2D block diagram and 3D visual representation of your mechanism lets you verify connections in your model and see how the system behaves.

SimMechanics 3D animation and Mechanics Explorer tool.
SimMechanics 3D animation and Mechanics Explorer tool. You can review simulation results in an automatically generated 3D animation (left), and use a tree browser to navigate and explore your model (right).
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